The Board Game Based on Your Life

When they make the board game based on your life, what will the playing pieces look like? Will you roll dice to move around the board? Draw tiles? Play cards with pictures of your friends, your uncles, your pets on them?

Which areas of the board are safe, and which are dangerous? The room that was yours when you were a child. The room you couldn’t bear to step foot in. Maybe: a patch of grass somewhere. Maybe: grandmother’s porch. Maybe: aquarium field trip.

Will you keep score on a pad of paper? Collect sheets of paper money? Count tokens to represent jobs, road trips, arguments, books, loves, food, conversations, births? Mistakes, illnesses, sports events? Drugs, drinks, jogs, degrees? Paintings, sunsets, ceremonies, puppet shows?

How will the board game based on your life represent the board games you’ve played in your life? How long is the timer set for? Is it an hourglass or a ticking clock?

When they make the board game based on your life, they’ll thank you for being a playtester. You’ll get a complimentary copy in the mail. Will you leave it on the shelf with the others? Or will you unwrap it and set it up on the kitchen table, just to see if it looks any good?

Once you understand all the rules, will you play the board game based on your life? Who will be there to play it with you?

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